Wednesday, January 4 – 2017!

Class Starter: giphy
How has this class Digital Business Applications helped you?

This class was designed to make you more…

  • digitally savvy
  • skilled in many of the ways to communicate digitally
  • aware of the power of digital media
  • excited about your own career path
  • aware of the globalization of business

This class was intended to help you practice…

  • professionalism
  • presentation skills
  • speaking
  • podcasting
  • your own digital portfolio
  • looking for your future career 

Go write a blog post about yourself in this class.  Refer the list above to see if any of these things have happened for you?  Due Friday Jan 6- 30 Points


Tuesday, May 17

Class Starter: Who Shot Alexander Hamilton?


A CLEO Awards winning commercial.  What is this Media Marketing Saying?

Do you have favorite commercials?


Class Activity:  State Test Review

Next class – this Thursday May 19th we will take the state test for this class.  For you guys, this should be a breeze.  But today I will do my best to give you a helpful review.

** Remember that EVERYONE has to take this, but I will not count it on your grade unless you pass it.  Passing the state test will give you 50 Points of EXTRA CREDIT.