Tuesday, December 20

Class Starter: Class Photoshop Gallery!


Today we will take a look at the imagination and Photoshop skills right here in our DBA classes.  You have really out-done yourselves!

Class Activity: Use the remainder of today’s class period to finish and turn an any assignment from the semester.

There will only be 2 more assignments this semester:


Wednesday, December 14

Class Starter: Digital Photography Manipulation


Class Activity: Class Gallery Project  50 points)

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Open my class folder and download the photoshop file that I have placed in the folder. “PHOTOSHOP-MASTER.PSD”
  3. Use the Layers Palette, selection tools and any other tools to create a new digital image.
  4. Add your name to the image, using the Type Tool
  5. Save the finished piece in your class folder as a PSD, and save a JPEG copy in my drive folder for your class period.
    B-6 Mrs.Bury
    B-7 Mrs. Bury
  6. We will view your artwork as a class gallery show.


Monday, December 12

alexander-khokhlov-2d-2dClass Starter: Think about yourself in 2-D

To get started, take a look at this logo branding on the site awwwards.com 

Think about ways that you can make a logo about yourself

Class Activity:  Personal Branding: Photoshop-2 Assignment

Use Photoshop to create a graphic about YOU – your logo.   You might start with a pencil sketch but then you will need to create a digital graphic of it.   It needs to:

•Be Recognizable at any size
•Emotional or Intuitive Cerebral Connection
•Dares to be Original

*Still need inspiration? Look at Behance or Dribbble.

Tutorials you might like:
How to Make 3D Icon
10 Essential Shortcuts

TURN THIS IN BY POSTING A JPEG VERSION OF YOUR LOGO ON YOUR BLOG WITH A SHORT DESCRIPTION. Also put your logo file in your Google Drive folder  DUE WEDNESDAY 12/14  (50 points)

Thursday, December 8

Class Starter: Photoshop Demo


Watch as I show you some tricks using LAYERS & SHAPES & TYPE

 Class Activity:

Use today’s classtime  to complete and turn in your Photoshop-1 Assignment.  *Remember to put your PSD & a JPEG in your Drive folder for a grade!

Tuesday, December 6

Class Starter:

Photoshop-brandingPhotoshop  is probably the most used photo manipulation and graphics application in the world.  You may find yourself using this application for personal and for professional use.  Watch “What is Photoshop” a video produced by Adobe to show the possibilities.

Class Activities:

Photoshop-1 Assignment


1-Before you start your Photoshop assignment, you need to become familiar with the tool palettes and the interface.  Please watch the following video about the tool panels.

2- Right-Click on the following image of two cherries and hit “copy”

3. Open Photoshop from your computer applications folder. Go to the file menu and hit “new”.  Photoshop will open a dialogue box. Hit “OK” and a new blank document will open.

4. Now go to the Edit menu at the top and hit “paste”- The Cherries should appear & you are ready to follow along as  I demonstrate the way that I created 3 versions of the original image.

Your assignment:
Create 3 different versions of the Cherries, using any of the Photoshop tools or filters.  Make your own version! When you have completed the project save your original working Photoshop document AND a jpeg version in your class folder.  Due Thursday Dec. 8(50 points)

Friday, December 2

Class Starter: Friday Freebie!

Class Activity: More GIMP

1- Today your Gimp-1 assignment is due.  To turn it in you must add your completed project to your assignment folder on Google Drive.

2- Now that you have used Gimp, lets’ do one more project using GIMP to manipulate photography.

I have provided a some images with a Creative Commons license. Download one of these images to use for your GIMP-2 Assignment.  Instructions below…

GIMP – 2 ASSIGNMENT:  (50 Points – Due Tuesday Dec 6)

1- Copy one of the images that I have provided & open it in Gimp.

2 – Follow an online tutorial for photo editing with Gimp.  This tutorial from 10-Steps is pretty easy to follow.

3 –  Make changes to the photo using your own imagination.

4 – When you are finished, go to the Gimp file menu and export the document as a JPEG.

5 – Turn your JPEG in to your assignment  folder.