Thursday, January 21

Class Starter:

View the video about Kelvin Doe, and take a few notes about your impressions of the story and the video production.  Our goal for today’s class is to start a WordPress Blog site and make a first blog post. Put your thoughts about Kelvin Doe in today’s post.

Class Activities:

•Course Outline will be explained and distributed. Please take these home for your parents to read, sign and return to Mrs. Bury.  To download DBA Course Outline and signature page at home, click here.

•Share Google Drive assignment folders to Mrs. Bury

•Every student is required to create his or her own WordPress account and start a blog site.  Participation points will be given for daily blog posts.

talk-bubles  Your blog posts are like Talk Bubbles that stick!

•Time permitting, you may complete your Google Calendar assignment.