Wednesday, April 27

Class Activity: Personal Branding with Google SlidesApps-Google-Drive-Slides-icon

Let’s collaborate using Google Slides and practice a little bit of personal branding. If you were asked to fill one page in a magazine to represent your image or “personal brand” what would you submit?  I have invited you to collaborate on a project called The 802 Lab. I have added my slide & now I want you to add yours – It should be pretty fun to flip through when it’s done! (30 Points)

*Use the remainder of today’s class to complete your My Tiny Company Branding Assignment.

Monday, April 25

Class Starter: Look at your Blog

WP-pagesNext month you will be asked to add pages to your class blog. Take the first 15 minutes of today’s class to test out a few things that you haven’t used in WordPress.
Try to do the following:
-Customize your Theme
-Add a Page
-Add a Widget

Class Activity: Use the rest of class time to complete your “My Tiny Company” logo.

Thursday, April 21

Class Starter: Logo Branding – simple solutions:

19685•Recognizable at any size
•Emotional or Intuative Cerebral Connection
•Makes a Promise
•Dares to be Original

Class Activity:

As you create a new logo for your  My Tiny Company, you might start with a pencil sketch but then you will need to create a vector shape and make it original.  Watch while I demonstrate some easy Photoshop tricks using text layers and Shape layers.

*Use the rest of the class today to work on your logo.
Still need inspiration? Look at Behance or Dribbble.

Tuesday, April 19

Class Starter: Blog about your favorite cookie brand

2000px-Vector_Oreo.svgThe Oreo brand is familiar to almost everyone. Why is that so? Here are some fun facts.  Write a blog about your favorite food packaging & include an image.  (30 Points)

Class Activities:  Branding Assignment!

Now that you have some experience using graphic applications, you are ready to make a logo for your new product.Use Gimp, Photoshop or Inkscape to create a logo and a business card for your product. CLICK HERE for the Branding Assignment Specifications.

I am giving you 4 class periods to finish, so do your best!
Due April 29th. (100 Points)


Friday, April 15

ketchup-dayClass Starter:  Check your Skyward

If you find that you are missing assignments, please let me know when they are completed, so that I can update your grade.

Class Activities:

Finish your Inkscape Assignment. When you have completed your Inkscape Assignment, make a new folder nested inside your class folder and name it  INKSCAPE.  Save 2 files: an Inkscape file (.SVG) and .PNG file.
Due Tuesday 4/19 (100 Points)

**You should have extra time today to work on missing assignments**



Wednesday, April 13

Class Starter:  Class Photoshop Digital Photography Manipulation Gallery

Photoshop-brandingOn March 30th you each were given an equal challenge using 6 images. If you completed your project and saved it to my folder we will look at it today.  – Your creations are impressive!


Class Activity: Inkscape

inkscapeBefore you create a graphic logo for your My Tiny Company product, I want you to experiment with one more free application for creating graphics. Inkscape is a free to download and use and compares to Adobe Illustrator for making vector graphics.

Your Inkscape Assignment is as follows:  Open Inkscape and start experimenting with the tools. Create a vector graphic of your own choosing.  You may work on your logo or anything that interests you.

Optional:  If you would like step by step instructions for your first project, you may download this How to Create a Cartoon Dinosaur.

When you have completed your Inkscape Assignment, make a new folder nested inside your class folder and name it  INKSCAPE.  Save 2 files: an Inkscape file (.SVG) and .PNG file.
Due Tuesday 4/19 (100 Points)

If you would like to further explore Inkscape on your own time, you can download the application at home from Inkscape.  And if you would like to practice your Inkscape skills you can find good tutorials at Invato Tuts.

Monday, April 11

Class Starter:   Blog Post – What does this Pointillist painting by French Post-Impressionist painter Georges Pierre Seurat have in common with Lichtenstein Pop Art?
(30 Points)


Class Activity:
After you have finished your blog post, open the VOCABULARY-2 assignment and complete it.  For this assignment, please print it out and turn it in.  Due Wednesday April 13. (20 points)