Tuesday, January 31

Class Starter:  
Today we will watch the first 6 minutes of a TED Talk given by Keren Elazari called “Hackers: the Internet’s immune system”.   hack-ted

Class Activity:  

1. I want you to look closely at a website called NORSE to see a live feed graphic illustrating cyber attacks in the world.  Norse is a company that maintains the world’s largest dedicated threat intelligence network. With over eight million sensors that emulate over six thousand applications – from Apple laptops, to ATM machines, to critical infrastructure systems, to closed-circuit TV cameras.

2. Write a blog post on your thoughts about the internet.  Reference things we have discussed in the last few class periods:  Surface Web, Deep Web, Subscription Web, Dark Web or even Hackers.   (Due Thursday, Feb. 2 – 50 Points)

** Reminder:  Due today  is the Utah Business Websites Assignment given on January, 25th.  See the turn-in instructions on the Spring Semester Assignments Page.

Friday, January 27

The Brazilian Aardvark

Class Starter: Class Discussion about What to Believe.

Did you know that just because you found it online or heard it in the news doesn’t make it true?    Let’s watch this animated short called “How false news can spread”, by Noah Tavlin. Then let’s talk about it!

BRAZILIAN AARDVARK?   Here’s a funny thing that happened. Read about it on the New Yorker article, “How a Raccoon became an Aardvark”  .

If you like that, check this out: This article from Network World details ten of the biggest Wikipedia hoaxes to date.

Class Activity:  Lesson about Credible and Ethical information found online.

I know this is a long post today, but I have some very helpful links and guidelines for you to adopt.  Besides, you don’t have to be counted with those who are not savvy to what’s going on with the information that is flying in circles around us.  You are not most teenagers, either!

•So let me give you some illustrations of Surface Web, Deep Web, Subscription Databases & also Dark Web:

Surface Web:

Internet search engine (such as Google, Yahoo!, AOL, MSN, etc.). On the other hand, for many academic papers and projects, searching the World Wide Web in this fashion is simply a waste of time.

Deep Web:






Going Deeper: Subscription Databases:


Dark Web


Below I am sharing some guidelines for any teenager or adult who has a heartbeat, an opinion, and especially anyone in authority or who has influence on others.

Summary of The CARS Checklist for Research Source Evaluation




trustworthy source, author’s credentials, evidence of quality control, known or respected authority, organizational support. Goal: an authoritative source, a source that supplies some good evidence that allows you to trust it.



up to date, factual, detailed, exact, comprehensive, audience and purpose reflect intentions of completeness and accuracy. Goal: a source that is correct today (not yesterday), a source that gives the whole truth.



fair, balanced, objective, reasoned, no conflict of interest, absence of fallacies or slanted tone. Goal: a source that engages the subject thoughtfully and reasonably, concerned with the truth.



listed sources, contact information, available corroboration, claims supported, documentation supplied. Goal: a source that provides convincing evidence for the claims made, a source you can triangulate (find at least two other sources that support it).

Living with Information: The CAFÉ Advice

Here is one last piece of advice to help you live well in the world of information: Take your information to the Café (Challenge, Adapt, File, Evaluate).
Challenge information and demand accountability. Stand right up to the information and ask questions. Who says so? Why do they say so? Why was this information created? Why should I believe it? Why should I trust this source? How is it known to be true? Is it the whole truth? Is the argument reasonable? Who supports it?
Adapt your skepticism and requirements for quality to fit the importance of the information and what is being claimed. Require more credibility and evidence for stronger claims. You are right to be a little skeptical of dramatic information or information that conflicts with commonly accepted ideas. The new information may be true, but you should require a robust amount of evidence from highly credible sources.
File new information in your mind rather than immediately believing or disbelieving it. Avoid premature closure. Do not jump to a conclusion or come to a decision too quickly. It is fine simply to remember that someone claims XYZ to be the case. You need not worry about believing or disbelieving the claim right away. Wait until more information comes in, you have time to think about the issue, and you gain more general knowledge.
Evaluate and re-evaluate regularly. New information or changing circumstances will affect the accuracy and hence your evaluation of previous information. Recognize the dynamic, fluid nature of information. The saying, “Change is the only constant,” applies to much information, especially in technology, science, medicine, and business.

Wednesday, January 25

Class Starter:   Huvr Tech!

Blog Post – Is this website believable?

Go to this website: http://art.yale.edu/


Is this website believable? Why or why not?

Write a blog post (at least 1 paragraph, meaning 3-5 sentences for each site) about your reactions to this site and if it can be considered credible (aka believable). Explain why you think it should (or should not) be taken seriously by site visitors. (30 Points)

Class Activity: Utah Business Websites Assignment

*Today, you will do the assignment with a partner!  

Download today’s assignment.  Each student needs to download their own copy, add his or her name to it and insert their own findings about the following Utah business websites. When completed, save the document to your own assignment folder on Google Drive. DUE MONDAY January 30th.  (50 Points)

For this assignment you will look closely at  the following websites from a few Utah businesses.  Take note of the way that these websites provide accurate information and establish credibility.











Monday, January 23

Class Starter:  Kelvin Doe Child Prodigy

Watch this as a class for pure inspiration.  You are a genius too!

Class Activities:  OK now lets get to the task at hand: Building a Google Spreadsheet

Here is a quick tutorial to show some basic formatting: “Creating and Basic Formatting”

Today you will use the  Google Sheets application to create a new spreadsheet. Watch as I demonstrate how to create a Google Spreadsheet.  Pay close attention to details so you will be ready for today’s assignment.

Assignment: Google Sheets-1

This assignment uses a spreadsheet to show employee standings at Donovan Industries. Click here to view instructions.    (50 points due January 27)

Thursday, January 19

Class Starter: About Collaboration – Assembly Line!

Assembly Line – Teaser Clip by Onirikal Studio

Today we will watch a short video called:  “Chinese Farmers Turn to Violin-Making”.   After watching the video, go write a blog post about people working together to create a single outcome.   Click here to watch.  First blog post assignment ( Due today-30 points)

Class Activity:  

#1 Google Sheets Collaboration


Go to your email to find an invitation from me to collaborate on a Google Sheet.  You will be asked to provide your WordPress URL (web address) on the spreadsheet.

#2  Finish turning 25 APPS – Google Doc in shared assignment folder.  

This was the assignment from last class.  Please make sure it is turned in to your assignment folder today.  (50 points)

Tuesday, January 17

Class Starter: 

First Graded Assignment: Write a review of this blog article from TED.

Take time to read through the blog article.  Next go to your new shared folder and open it. From there, hit the “new” button and select Google Docs icon.  This will open a document where you will put your name on the top, a title of the article, and then just tell me what you think of it.   Google Docs will auto-save your work!

Turn In Instructions:
Last time we met, you created folder on your Google Drive and shared it with me.  When you double-click on it you can see a space where you can drag and drop files from your computer to your shared folder on your drive and you are ready to turn in todays assignment.

If you have your folder shared, and this document inside of it, you will get full credit for this assignment!     (50 points)

Class Activity:  Successfully start a WordPress Blog Website  
Open a free WordPress account using a personal email address.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Go to WordPress to create a profile and use a NON-school email address to sign up.
  2. Click on “start a free blog”
  3. Choose a template
  4. Enter a domain or keyword.  If your domain is available, select the free version.  It will look something like this:   “keyword”.wordpress.com
    *tip: make it short, memorable, easy to type.
  5. Select a free plan
  6. Enter your email address and create a password.  (jot it down somewhere, just in case you forget what it is!)
  7. Once your blog is up, make your first blog post.

Welcome to Digital Business Applications


It’s the beginning of the 2017 Spring Semester and there are a few easy but important things to do before we get started:


  1. Go to your school email inbox and find an email from me abury@alpinedistrict.org.  Reply to my email and tell me what name you like to go by and which class you are in.  (B2 or B3)
  2.  Make a folder on your Google Drive and name it “DBA”. This is where you will keep all of your work for this class.
  3. Take a Card!
    This Semester we are trying something new to replace passing out a course disclosure.  In class today I will give you my class card with all of my contact info and a QR Code which will take you directly to “The Basics” web page.  Share this with your parents so that they can see what we will be doing.  DBACard-web

Tuesday, January 10 – Last Day of Class

Class Starter: Who Shot Alexander Hamilton?


A CLEO Awards winning commercial.  What is this Media Marketing Saying?

Do you have favorite commercials?

We are down to the last day of the Semester. I have thrown a whole lot of challenges down where computer applications and creativity are concerned, and you have really shown your personal interests and talents!

Class Activity: Go check your Skyward.



Wednesday, January 4 – 2017!

Class Starter: giphy
How has this class Digital Business Applications helped you?

This class was designed to make you more…

  • digitally savvy
  • skilled in many of the ways to communicate digitally
  • aware of the power of digital media
  • excited about your own career path
  • aware of the globalization of business

This class was intended to help you practice…

  • professionalism
  • presentation skills
  • speaking
  • podcasting
  • your own digital portfolio
  • looking for your future career 

Go write a blog post about yourself in this class.  Refer the list above to see if any of these things have happened for you?  Due Friday Jan 6- 30 Points


 https://quizlet.com/178580880/match/embed” quizlet