Thursday, February 4

Class Starter:  Blog about your “Sloop John B”

sloopJohnBListen to first 5 minutes of Episode 11 of the Pitch Podcast Somewhere in My Memory. 
Please use headphones for the listen.  After listening, 
go to your blog and write your own experience of how a sound or even a smell will remind you of something from your own life.  Mind you, this blog post must be your own story.  Don’t blog about the Pitch Podcast.  The more authentic your story, the more interesting your blog.   What is your “Sloop John B?”
(30 points)

Class Activities:

•Today we’re going to learn some basics of using OneDrive, Microsoft’s version of cloud storage.
->Use OneDrive to create your Spreadsheet – 2  assignment.
Instructions for submitting assignment:
1-Click on the green ‘Share’ button on the top right of the spreadsheet
2-Get a link from the left side of dialogue box and copy it.
3-Send an email to with ‘your name Spreadsheet-2’ in the subject line and paste the link in the message body.
Due Monday Feb. 8 (50 points)

Help for using formulas in spreadsheets here.

•Today is a good day to get caught up as Parent-Teacher Conferences is this coming Wednesday, Feb. 10.

You should have 3 blog posts:

“Why Blog”
“Cloud Storage”
“What is my Sloop John B”

Assignments to date:

• Create and publish a WordPress Blog Website  (50 points)    

• Google Calendar  (10 points)     

• Spreadsheet-1 using Google Sheets (50 points)    

• Spreadsheet-2 using OneDrive (50 points)   


Tuesday, February 2 – Groundhog Day!

Class Starter:

Watch the following video on Cloud Storage.  (Headphones)
Write a 2 paragraph blog entry with an appropriate title summarizing the video and what you learned from it.  Include an applicable image.  (30 Points)

Class Activities:

1 – Finish the Google Spreadsheet-1 assignment.  This assignment was given in the last class.  You can find the instructions on my post from January 29th.

*special instructions for turning it in:

-Title the document like this:  Spreadsheet-1 “your name”
– You have created the document from your Google Drive. Be sure to put it in the assignment folder which you have already shared with me.

I will grade it tonight.  It’s worth (50 points)

2 – Create a OneDrive account. Go to


OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud service. We will talk more about what cloud computing means in the near future, but for now, just know that OneDrive is Microsoft’s version of Google Drive, the service you have already been using.

*Save your new account information on a google document and place it in your assignment folder.