Wednesday, February 8

Class Starter:  Let’s take a minute to explore Augmented Reality.  I will share a few videos to show just a few great ways that AR can be a useful tool.  Here’s a video showing how an AR App gives you more info about your location.   My favorite AR App is called La Bamba!

Class Activities: iPad Scavenger Hunt

ipad-pro-video-review-thumbnailToday we will use classroom iPads to practice some basic skills using the device.  There are not enough iPads for every student so you will  work in small teams using an iPad.

Download iPad Scavenger Hunt

1-Every student must open the assignment and complete the assignment by answering the questions.
2-Save the Assignment Document to his or her own drive folder for assignment credit.
Due Friday 2/10  (30 points)

*If you have any class time remaining, use it to finish any assignments that you are missing, or improve your blog website!

Monday, November 7

Dare to Put it Out There!

Class Starter:  “Bolivia” – the most recent episode of the class podcast

I thought it only fair that your teacher should have to record and produce a podcast episode, too.  I am not a voice actor and it shows in this episode, so don’t judge!  This project proved how simple it is to get content online, but doing it for the first time is rather nerve wracking and a bit embarrassing, too.

This project required the following:

  • write an outline of what to say
  • gather photo assets. In this case, I used my own
  • gather music mp3s from and copy attribution info for each song
  • Using Garage Band on my iPad, I recorded my voice and added extra tracks for background music
  • When the project was complete, I hit the share button to email the file to myself so that I could download it to my computer
  • upload mp3 files to my host
  • find the mp3 file on my library and copy the URL for that file
  • write a blog post on my WordPress Blog to tell more about my podcast episode. I included photography and the URL for the recording.  I included attribution for the music included.
  • I added the episode to RSS Feed for the DBA Podcast by adding the appropriate “tag” to the blog post

Class Activity:  Make Podcast Teams!  

Your team will work together to produce a multiple track recording using Garage Band on the iPads.  Follow the steps that I shared in this post. You will have a few class periods to get this done and publish it for a grade.

Friday, February 12

Class Starter:   What is “Free Time”?


This is what I would do.

Write up a blog post talking about what you would do if you had 24 hours entirely free of any obligations.  What would you do with your free time?  Would it be your favorite past-time or would you use it for catching up on something?
 Include a picture in your post.
(30 points)

Class Activities: iPad Scavenger Hunt

Get a partner to do this in-class assignment.  You will need to write your answers on the ipad-scavengerHunt paper and turn it in to me to be graded.
(10 points)

*If you have any class time remaining, use it to finish any assignments that you are missing, or improve your blog website!