Tuesday, March 29

1410479545180849583Class Starter:  99 Percent Invisible

A TED Talk of a radio show about flag design.  Open the link and watch Roman Mars doing his podcast live in front of a TED audience. (to save time, start at 2:00 minutes in)  Pay attention to 2 things:  His radio production and what he says about flag design.

Write a blog post about anything that caught your attention.  (30 points)

Class Activity:  Teacher Demonstration – Photoshop

Before you launch into the Photoshop-1 assignment, watch as I demonstrate the way that I created 3 versions of the cherries image. Cherriesx3

After my demonstration and before you start your project watch the following video about the Photoshop tool panels.  Finding tool panels in Photoshop seems hard at first, but you will get the hang of it!

Your assignment:
Create 3 different versions of the Cherries, using any of the tools that you choose. Make your own version!   
When you have completed the project save your original working Photoshop document AND a jpeg version in your class folder.  DUE Thursday, March 31. (100 points)

Monday, January 25

Class Starter: Create a shared folder on your Google Drive.

Today you will make a very important folder in your drive.  This is the place where you will turn in all of your assignments for this class.

You have 15 minutes to complete this task.
It’s easy!  
Just follow the following steps:
  1. Log in to your your Alpine School District gmail account and find the application grid in the top right corner of the tool bar.
    Click on the grid and select the Drive icon. This will open your drive folder.
  2. Click on the red “new” buttonnew-button to select “folder” .
    This will open a box for you to name the folder. Call it B6 or B7 – your name and click “create”.  You will now see a folder in your Drive.
  3. Right-click on your folder to open a list of options. Click “share” google-drive-share-icon
    This will open a box where you must share this folder with me, Amy Bury by typing in my email address: abury@alpinedistrict.org
    Make sure that my name pops up and you may also change the permissions from “edit” to “view” if you like. Hit “send”.
  4. Now you have your assignment folder and you have shared it with me. When you double-click on it you can see a space where you can drag and drop files from your computer to your shared folder on your drive and you are ready to turn in your assignments for this class!

Class Activities:

For the remainder of today’s class, you will create a WordPress account and start a blog!

Let’s get started.

  1. Go to WordPress to create a profile with your Alpine Schools Gmail account.
  2. Click on “start a free blog”
  3. Choose a template
  4. Enter a domain or keyword.  If your domain is available, select the free version.  It will look something like this:   yournameblog.wordpress.com
  5. Select a free plan
  6. Enter your Alpine School District email address and create a password.  Be sure to jot your password down in a safe place!

Great! Now you have your own blog website and you logged into the WordPress Dashboard. This is a good time to slow down and familiarize yourself with the user interface and get to know the dashboard. Here is a introductory video that may be helpful.