Wednesday, October 26

Class Starter:  Example post for the Podcast-1 Assignment

2013_07_01-banzi-wedding-colour-copy-1140x450“Dubakupado”  Royalty-Free Music with a grooving feel

Instruments: Percussion, Marimba

I downloaded another African tune from the royalty-free site Incompetech.   I absolutely love this genre of music and find myself grooving through my days with African, Funk, Rythm& Blues for my soundtrack. This is a nice solid grooving piece – for 8 percussionists.

“Dubakupado” Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Class Activity: PODCAST BASICS – 1 Assignment

Download Podcast Basics – Instructions here.

This assignment is Due Tuesday November 1st.  To turn this in, you need to follow every part of the instructions and post a blog with your hosted mp3 file.