Monday, February 29 – Leap Day!

Class Starter:  Once every 4 years… Write a blog post.  (30 points)

leapdayOnce every four years, people born on Feb. 29 actually get to celebrate their birthday. That’s right, today is leap day, the extra day added every fourth year to help fix the problem that while our calendar year is 365 days, the solar year — the amount of time it takes the Earth to circle the sun — is 365.24219 days.

Write a blog post about the way you would celebrate your birthday if yours was February 29th.  Some people have been known to have a party for a kid one-fourth their age.

Class Activity: “My Tiny Company” introduction

Today we begin a project that will take a month or more to complete.  There will be three major steps for you to take launch your company:


To get started, take some time today for inspiration and exploration.  The 2015 Spark Industrial Design Award Winners are amazing!  Go look through the gallery. Notice the invention, branding and marketing that used for these new products.

d.lightOne of my favorites is the d.light
because it is so simple and can improve
the human condition for many.