Welcome to Fall Semester


It’s the beginning of the 2016 Fall Semester and there are a few easy but important things to do before we get started:


  1. Go to your school email inbox and find an email from me abury@alpinedistrict.org.  Reply to my email and tell me what name you like to go by and which class you are in.  (B2 or B3)
  2.  Make a folder on your Google Drive and name it “DBA”. This is where you will keep all of your work for this class.
  3. Take a Card!
    This Semester we are trying something new to replace passing out a course disclosure.  In class today I will give you my class card with all of my contact info and a QR Code which will take you directly to “The Basics” web page.  Share this with your parents so that they can see what we will be doing.