Friday, March 10

Class Starter: Why does music make us act differently?

There’s nothing like having a kid who is a total Audiophile.  Let me see if I can give you an example.  Cory has always and still to this day likes to mess with people by setting the mood.  Sort of like being a daily DJ.  It makes sense to me now, because he is a sound designer today.    So, to make my point let me share an interesting tune that he was known to play in the kitchen specifically to get me, his mom to lighten up.  He never announced it, it would just start to play and I would hear Cory off in his room singing along or making the silly sounding Hungarian rhythm singing in here.    I guess you have to listen to get the idea.  (By the way, Ahuz Mama is Hungarian for “listen mama”)cory

Ahuz Mama by Kanizsa Csillagai

Class Activity:  Hosting Assignment “Host & Post”

You will make a Public Folder on your Google Drive,  host your Garage Band Assignment, and post it on your blog.

Remember the hosting diagram you drew for this class?  Today you will host your music online, then publish it to your WordPress Blog.

1-Watch my demonstration

2- Make your public folder and place your m4a file inside it. (Your Garageband project, converted to an m4a

3- Write a blog post, kind of like the one I did today, that says something about your music.

4-Tag your post with the tag “music”

*You should be able to complete this today in class*   (50 Points)

Special Note:  You can add a plugin to your WordPress Site that does a better job of sharing your files from Google Drive.  If you want to do this on your own later go here.