Tuesday, May 16

Class Starter:  Do you have Senior-itis?

Senior or not, you need to keep your energy going until school’s out!

Class Activity:  Your favorite project from this semester.

We covered so many applications and topics in this class – what did you get out of it?

1-Review your Google Drive folder and choose a project that improved your skills.

2- Write a blog post that includes that project and explain what you learned and how that project applies to you as a person.

Due Today!  (50 Points)

Monday, January 23

Class Starter:  Kelvin Doe Child Prodigy

Watch this as a class for pure inspiration.  You are a genius too!

Class Activities:  OK now lets get to the task at hand: Building a Google Spreadsheet

Here is a quick tutorial to show some basic formatting: “Creating and Basic Formatting”

Today you will use the  Google Sheets application to create a new spreadsheet. Watch as I demonstrate how to create a Google Spreadsheet.  Pay close attention to details so you will be ready for today’s assignment.

Assignment: Google Sheets-1

This assignment uses a spreadsheet to show employee standings at Donovan Industries. Click here to view instructions.    (50 points due January 27)

Welcome to Digital Business Applications


It’s the beginning of the 2017 Spring Semester and there are a few easy but important things to do before we get started:


  1. Go to your school email inbox and find an email from me abury@alpinedistrict.org.  Reply to my email and tell me what name you like to go by and which class you are in.  (B2 or B3)
  2.  Make a folder on your Google Drive and name it “DBA”. This is where you will keep all of your work for this class.
  3. Take a Card!
    This Semester we are trying something new to replace passing out a course disclosure.  In class today I will give you my class card with all of my contact info and a QR Code which will take you directly to “The Basics” web page.  Share this with your parents so that they can see what we will be doing.  DBACard-web

Tuesday, January 10 – Last Day of Class

Class Starter: Who Shot Alexander Hamilton?


A CLEO Awards winning commercial.  What is this Media Marketing Saying?

Do you have favorite commercials?

We are down to the last day of the Semester. I have thrown a whole lot of challenges down where computer applications and creativity are concerned, and you have really shown your personal interests and talents!

Class Activity: Go check your Skyward.



Tuesday, December 20

Class Starter: Class Photoshop Gallery!


Today we will take a look at the imagination and Photoshop skills right here in our DBA classes.  You have really out-done yourselves!

Class Activity: Use the remainder of today’s class period to finish and turn an any assignment from the semester.

There will only be 2 more assignments this semester:


Wednesday, December 14

Class Starter: Digital Photography Manipulation


Class Activity: Class Gallery Project  50 points)

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Open my class folder and download the photoshop file that I have placed in the folder. “PHOTOSHOP-MASTER.PSD”
  3. Use the Layers Palette, selection tools and any other tools to create a new digital image.
  4. Add your name to the image, using the Type Tool
  5. Save the finished piece in your class folder as a PSD, and save a JPEG copy in my drive folder for your class period.
    B-6 Mrs.Bury
    B-7 Mrs. Bury
  6. We will view your artwork as a class gallery show.


Thursday, December 8

Class Starter: Photoshop Demo


Watch as I show you some tricks using LAYERS & SHAPES & TYPE

 Class Activity:

Use today’s classtime  to complete and turn in your Photoshop-1 Assignment.  *Remember to put your PSD & a JPEG in your Drive folder for a grade!

Friday, December 2

Class Starter: Friday Freebie!

Class Activity: More GIMP

1- Today your Gimp-1 assignment is due.  To turn it in you must add your completed project to your assignment folder on Google Drive.

2- Now that you have used Gimp, lets’ do one more project using GIMP to manipulate photography.

I have provided a some images with a Creative Commons license. Download one of these images to use for your GIMP-2 Assignment.  Instructions below…

GIMP – 2 ASSIGNMENT:  (50 Points – Due Tuesday Dec 6)

1- Copy one of the images that I have provided & open it in Gimp.

2 – Follow an online tutorial for photo editing with Gimp.  This tutorial from 10-Steps is pretty easy to follow.

3 –  Make changes to the photo using your own imagination.

4 – When you are finished, go to the Gimp file menu and export the document as a JPEG.

5 – Turn your JPEG in to your assignment  folder.





Monday, November 21

Class Activity: Personal Branding with Google SlidesApps-Google-Drive-Slides-icon

Let’s collaborate using Google Slides and practice a little bit of personal branding. If you were asked to fill one page in a magazine to represent your image or “personal brand” what would you submit?  I have invited you to collaborate on a project called The 802 Lab. I have added my slide & now I want you to add yours – It should be pretty fun to flip through when it’s done! (30 Points)

*Use the remainder of today’s class to complete assignments that are due. Remember to email the teacher about any assignment that you have turned in late. abury@alpinedistrict.org

Thursday, November 3

moth_podcast_1400x1400Class Starter:  The Moth Podcast

In class today, I would like to share an award winning podcast, The Moth.  These are true stories told in first person in front of a live audience.   This episode is about a high schooler  who encounters racism when he tries to go to prom. Told by Hasan Ninhaj himself, speaking from his own experience. The title of the story is “Prom”


Class Activities:

1- Test drive the Itunes App on  on the lab computers.

2- Watch as I demonstrate the Garage Band App

3- Use the rest of class to complete your Podcast-2 assignment