Monday, March 21

Class Starter:  Sneak-Peek

Some of new products for My Tiny Company!
product Cloud

Class Activities:

1- Today, finish and turn in your GIMP Assignment. When you are finished, put your finished graphic file in your class folder. (50 points)

2- Let’s do one more GIMP project. This time it will come a little easier!
Open GIMP and follow instructions in this YouTube video  using GIMP.  When your graphic is complete, add it to your class folder. (50 points)


Tuesday, March 15

Class Starter: Kenneth Shinozuka and his invention

Today, we will watch a TED Talk  given by Kenneth Shinozuka in 2014.  Kenneth shares his whole thought process, the problem, and the challenges he takes on to create his product.

Class Activities:  Introduction to Gimp

gimp-01-535x535Today we will experiment with the application GIMP.  GIMP is a free and open source image editor. Not only can it edit photography, but it is used for graphics and original artwork. More information about Gimp.

Open the application and take a look at the art board and tools for creating graphics.  Next open the Gimp Introduction assignment.  For this assignment, you will follow step by step instructions for making a graphic. Put the finished graphic in your Google Drive folder.
Due Monday, March 21. (50 Points)