Wednesday, November 30

Class Starter:  How to pitch a new invention

macroscope4Today I want you to use headphones to watch and listen to this fascinating TED Talk given by Manu Prakash, who shows an invention created by two of hie students!  It’s a 50¢ microscope that folds like Origami.

Write a Blog Post about the way that Manu illustrates a problem before he introduces the product that presents a solution.  Add any thoughts you have about the Foldscope. (30 points)


gimp-01-535x535Class Activity:  Finish your Gimp-1 Assignment

Do your best work, because you will use this application again in a future assignment.  Spend time working through Gimp tutorials and become a Gimp Expert!  Find tutorials HERE <– 




Monday, November 28

Class Starter: What do these images all have in common?


Class Activities:  Introduction to Gimp

gimp-01-535x535Today we will experiment with the application GIMP.  GIMP is a free and open source image editor. Not only can it edit photography, but it is used for graphics and original artwork. More information about Gimp.

Open the application and take a look at the art board and tools for creating graphics.  Next open the Gimp Introduction assignment.  For this assignment, you will follow step by step instructions for making a graphic. Put the finished graphic in your Google Drive folder.
Due Friday, December-2nd. (50 Points)

Monday, November 21

Class Activity: Personal Branding with Google SlidesApps-Google-Drive-Slides-icon

Let’s collaborate using Google Slides and practice a little bit of personal branding. If you were asked to fill one page in a magazine to represent your image or “personal brand” what would you submit?  I have invited you to collaborate on a project called The 802 Lab. I have added my slide & now I want you to add yours – It should be pretty fun to flip through when it’s done! (30 Points)

*Use the remainder of today’s class to complete assignments that are due. Remember to email the teacher about any assignment that you have turned in late.

Friday, November 11

Class Starter: Spruce up your Blog

When someone goes to your blog to read “Site Title” or “My First Blog Post” at the top of the page, well, it looks like you don’t know what you’re doing or that you don’t care. Today’s challenge is to go to your WordPress Blog & actually customize your site.  

Go to Theme > Customize and make a change in every tab:

To change your site icon, go to Settings.

If you want to have a little fun with your site icon, you might like 8biticon

Mrs. Bury – Recognize the Smirk?


Class Activity:
Work on your Garage Band-1 Assignment. Due next class!

DBA Class Podcast #3

The Intro Song

Imagine if you could have “Intro Music” enter the room with your present mood every time you walk into a room?   It would be awesome – and probably dangerous too!  Talk about a dead give-away about the mood you’re in.

I rather hate the way some news media uses this tactic to show their unspoken bias.  I would rather keep it to intro music on a podcast or background music in a movie.

Take a listen to this example of a short, but sweet and to the point little recording from our contributor, Eric Mahler.eric-profile

Wednesday, November 9

Class Starter …Life’s Unseen Patterns

Check out this recording from NPR’s program called Hidden Brain, where researchers test the effects of background music on people.

Hidden Brain


Class Activities:

#1 – Go check your grades on Skyward & try not to PANIC!
If you need to complete an assignment, you still can!  images

#2 -Garage Band–1 Assignment  (100 points) Due 11/15    
Work in teams to create a project in Garage Band. You will make a multiple track project that includes voice recording and background music. Even though you are working in teams, each individual student is required to follow all of the instructions on the GARAGEBAND-1 Assignment. <<download
This assignment is complete after you have :
-made a Garageband multi track project
-hosted it online
-written a blog post that includes a media player for your project
-handed in the Garageband-1 handout to the teacher
Helpful hint:
This assignment is almost the same as the Podcast Assignments.
So make sure you got those right before you finish this one!

Monday, November 7

Dare to Put it Out There!

Class Starter:  “Bolivia” – the most recent episode of the class podcast

I thought it only fair that your teacher should have to record and produce a podcast episode, too.  I am not a voice actor and it shows in this episode, so don’t judge!  This project proved how simple it is to get content online, but doing it for the first time is rather nerve wracking and a bit embarrassing, too.

This project required the following:

  • write an outline of what to say
  • gather photo assets. In this case, I used my own
  • gather music mp3s from and copy attribution info for each song
  • Using Garage Band on my iPad, I recorded my voice and added extra tracks for background music
  • When the project was complete, I hit the share button to email the file to myself so that I could download it to my computer
  • upload mp3 files to my host
  • find the mp3 file on my library and copy the URL for that file
  • write a blog post on my WordPress Blog to tell more about my podcast episode. I included photography and the URL for the recording.  I included attribution for the music included.
  • I added the episode to RSS Feed for the DBA Podcast by adding the appropriate “tag” to the blog post

Class Activity:  Make Podcast Teams!  

Your team will work together to produce a multiple track recording using Garage Band on the iPads.  Follow the steps that I shared in this post. You will have a few class periods to get this done and publish it for a grade.

DBA Class Podcast-Special Episode “Bolivia”

It’s one thing to talk about how a publishing a podcast, but it’s quite another to create an episode worth listening to.  Since I’m your teacher, I thought it was only fair that I  should have to make one myself . I used the Garage Band App on and iPad to record my voice and and add background music. us-oruro

This episode is based on a trip to Bolivia that I took in 2003.  My husband and I went to LaPaz and some surrounding cities as representatives of the Utah Bolivia Partners.  The purpose of the trip was to have an educational and culture exchange with schools in Bolivia in the form of music.  We performed American bluegrass and old-time folk to a bunch of different kinds of schools and music academies. They loved our music, but not nearly as much as we were fascinated by theirs.  The rhythms and melodies of Andean music is fantastic!

old-newThe people of Bolivia made a real impression on us.  We saw a way of life similar to ours, with a few very stark differences.  The culture is much older than ours, and in many ways the modern conveniences such as clean water and safe electricity and plumbing are fairly inconsistent. We saw the old and the new side by side everywhere we went.  It was not uncommon to see a woman in traditional indigenous clothing along side her husband wearing modern attire.

We met a wide variety of Bolivian people.  Some working professionals, some educators and many that still identify very much with their indigenous culture, language and customs.

The cities we visited were not tourist destinations, so we stood out as very white in every crowd.  To me that was one of the most lasting impressions that it left me.  To be different has got it’s own set of challenges. Especially if you can’t speak the language.

The Catholic Orphanage for girls in Oruro, Bolivia. There were many hands touching my hair and skin as if to see if I felt different. I was the object of their curiosity.

carneval-practiceThe music and culture of Bolivia is very old and rich with complex rhythms and melodies. We enjoyed many impromptu performances and shared in a few.
Listen to my story…

Music included in this episode:
“Back on Track”  &  “Lagoa” by Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Photography by Amy Bury

Thursday, November 3

moth_podcast_1400x1400Class Starter:  The Moth Podcast

In class today, I would like to share an award winning podcast, The Moth.  These are true stories told in first person in front of a live audience.   This episode is about a high schooler  who encounters racism when he tries to go to prom. Told by Hasan Ninhaj himself, speaking from his own experience. The title of the story is “Prom”


Class Activities:

1- Test drive the Itunes App on  on the lab computers.

2- Watch as I demonstrate the Garage Band App

3- Use the rest of class to complete your Podcast-2 assignment

Tuesday, November 1

Class Starter: A Beautiful World Podcast

do-good1Rob Greenfield had a simple idea, that people are good and the world is a good place. So he decided to put his idea to the ultimate test by flying one-way to a far off place with no money, no credit card, no cellphone, not even a toothbrush. Just the clothes on his back and a passport. He says “Mainstream media portrays the world as a dangerous place, a place that you should fear and I’m out to prove them wrong.”

Listen to Rob Greenfield’s story & write a blog about his story and podcast itself.
Bonus:**Check out the video that Rob made using no camera of his own!
Due-11/3 (30 Points)

Class Activity: Start the Podcast – 2 Assignment
Due Nov 7 (100 Points)

It’s time to record your own voice!

Your phone probably has a voice recording App on it.  Iphone uses the “Voice Memos” App and Android uses different Apps depending on the model.  “Urecord” is a good free Android App for recording your voice.  urecordapp-voice

1- Find an App on your phone that will record your voice.  Record a message to be used to complete the Podcast-2 Assignment.

2-Host your recording by sending the  file to your computer and uploading it to

3- Create a blog post with a write up and pictures that support your first episode.

4-TAG your post with a unique tag which will only be used for your podcast episodes.

5- Create an RSS Feed link that is just for your podcast episodes.

What does an RSS Feed look like???

(This assignment is Due Monday November 7th.  To turn this in,  follow every part of these instructions. I will look at your blog to see if you have successfully posted a first episode and created a custom RSS Feed link.)