Wednesday, May 11

Class Starter:

Class Activity: Finish and Turn in your Media Marketing Assignment

During today’s class, you should be able to complete and turn in your project. This assignment is like a final for Digital Business Applications because it requires a multiple skills that have been taught. Review the instructions here.

Turn in Instructions:

  • Save your Media Marketing Project inside your “My Tiny Company” folder.

  • I will be showing your project to the class unless you ask me not to. Please tell me if you do not want me to show it.



Thursday, May 5

Class Starter: Do you have Senioritis?

Write a blog post about how you plan to keep your energy going until school’s out!
(30 points)

Class Activity:

It’s time to create some media marketing for your My Tiny Company product. Watch while I show you examples made from applications that can be launched on an iPad or your desktop computer.

*If time permits, you may experiment on the iPads.

My Tiny Company Media Marketing Assignment (150 Points)
Due Wednesday 5/11

My Tiny Company Media Marketing Assignment

Create a piece of media to sell your My tiny Company product.  Your media will be presented to both of the Digital Business Applications classes. You may use the lab computers, lab iPads, or even your personal devices to make and share the finished piece.  Turn in your finished piece by putting a sharable format in your My Tiny Company folder on Google Drive.

Due Wednesday, May 11th (150 Points!)  This project can sink or save your passing grade in this class!!!

Media  Options:


  • 30 Second Audio Commercial (Garage Band App)
  • Stop Motion Animation (Stop Motion App)
  • Slide Presentation  (Google Slides App)
  • Infographic  – ( App of your choice)



Monday, April 25

Class Starter: Look at your Blog

WP-pagesNext month you will be asked to add pages to your class blog. Take the first 15 minutes of today’s class to test out a few things that you haven’t used in WordPress.
Try to do the following:
-Customize your Theme
-Add a Page
-Add a Widget

Class Activity: Use the rest of class time to complete your “My Tiny Company” logo.

Thursday, April 21

Class Starter: Logo Branding – simple solutions:

19685•Recognizable at any size
•Emotional or Intuative Cerebral Connection
•Makes a Promise
•Dares to be Original

Class Activity:

As you create a new logo for your  My Tiny Company, you might start with a pencil sketch but then you will need to create a vector shape and make it original.  Watch while I demonstrate some easy Photoshop tricks using text layers and Shape layers.

*Use the rest of the class today to work on your logo.
Still need inspiration? Look at Behance or Dribbble.

Friday, April 15

ketchup-dayClass Starter:  Check your Skyward

If you find that you are missing assignments, please let me know when they are completed, so that I can update your grade.

Class Activities:

Finish your Inkscape Assignment. When you have completed your Inkscape Assignment, make a new folder nested inside your class folder and name it  INKSCAPE.  Save 2 files: an Inkscape file (.SVG) and .PNG file.
Due Tuesday 4/19 (100 Points)

**You should have extra time today to work on missing assignments**



Monday, March 21

Class Starter:  Sneak-Peek

Some of new products for My Tiny Company!
product Cloud

Class Activities:

1- Today, finish and turn in your GIMP Assignment. When you are finished, put your finished graphic file in your class folder. (50 points)

2- Let’s do one more GIMP project. This time it will come a little easier!
Open GIMP and follow instructions in this YouTube video  using GIMP.  When your graphic is complete, add it to your class folder. (50 points)

Friday, March 11

Class Starter:  Logo Brand Inspiration

Branding is another way to say Identity. Logo branding trends are changing with the times. Google is one of the most recognizable brand that there is.  Read this article  Evolving the Google Identity.

After you have read the article, search on the internet for a logo that you really like. Write a short blog post – include a picture of the logo and tell us why you think it’s so cool.
(30 points)


Class Activities:  Starting your Logo Design

logo-sketchesNext week we will do projects in 3
digital applications: Gimp, Illustrator & Photoshop.  But before going right to the digital application you need to spend time brainstorming and drawing.

*Your My Tiny Company Write-Up is due today.

Wednesday, March 9

Class Starter:  How to pitch a new invention

macroscope4Watch this fascinating TED Talk given by Manu Prakash, who shows an invention created by two of hie students!  It’s a 50¢ microscope that folds like Origami.

Write a Blog Post about the way that Manu illustrates a problem before he introduces the product that presents a solution.  Add any thoughts you have about the Foldscope. (30 points)

Class Activities:

Today, I hope to finish our one-on-ones for your new product approvals.  If you have already gotten my approval, use today’s class time to work on your Product Write-Up Assignment which is due this Friday, March 11.

Friday, March 4

Class Starter:  Product descriptions for online shopping

This is an example of a product description for Nalgene Bottles.

Our most popular bottle, available in a variety of colors to help brighten up anybody’s gear. The large opening on our wide-mouth bottles easily accommodates ice cubes, fits most water purifiers and filters, and makes hand washing a breeze. The attached loop-top never gets lost and screws on and off easily. Printed graduations let keep track of your hydration. Dishwasher safe (Please make sure the top does not touch the heating element, or it will melt).

Write a Blog Post about how often you shop online and how the product description influences your purchase.  (30 points)

Class Activities:

Today your new product proposal is due.  Make sure that you have filled out the My Tiny Company Google Form.  You will need my approval before you proceed to the next step. You will have time to discuss it with me during class today.

When you get the go-ahead from me, you may start your “Write-Up” about the product that you will market. Open the  Write-Up assignment and hit save-as, insert your name in the file name and save it to your Drive class folder.
Your Write-Up will be due next week and will be worth 100 points.