Monday, February 29 – Leap Day!

Class Starter:  Once every 4 years… Write a blog post.  (30 points)

leapdayOnce every four years, people born on Feb. 29 actually get to celebrate their birthday. That’s right, today is leap day, the extra day added every fourth year to help fix the problem that while our calendar year is 365 days, the solar year — the amount of time it takes the Earth to circle the sun — is 365.24219 days.

Write a blog post about the way you would celebrate your birthday if yours was February 29th.  Some people have been known to have a party for a kid one-fourth their age.

Class Activity: “My Tiny Company” introduction

Today we begin a project that will take a month or more to complete.  There will be three major steps for you to take launch your company:


To get started, take some time today for inspiration and exploration.  The 2015 Spark Industrial Design Award Winners are amazing!  Go look through the gallery. Notice the invention, branding and marketing that used for these new products.

d.lightOne of my favorites is the d.light
because it is so simple and can improve
the human condition for many.



Thursday, February 25

guerrillaClass Starter:  Guerrilla Marketing

Business start-ups of today have some very innovative tactics.  Watch as Mrs. Bury shows you some examples of Guerrilla Marketing.

Class Activity:  Business Podcast Assignment

Please open the Business Podcast Assignment and follow the instructions.  This assignment will take you into your own research into the use of podcast in business.

Tuesday, Februrary 23

Podcasting-for-Content-Marketing_newClass Starter:  Listen to the Oracle Podcast. (headphones)

Write a blog post about something that you found interesting from the Oracle Social Spotlight episode.

Class Activities:  Podcast Review Assignment

To get started, go to your class folder in your Google Drive and create a new Google Document. Head the document with “Podcast Review” and be sure to put your name on the assignment.  Listen to at least 3 of the podcasts listed below.  You may not have time to finish the entire recorded podcast in class, but make sure you hear enough to understand the purpose and tone of the show.  Write 3 reviews.  (50 Points)

99% Invisible
The Accidental Music of Imperfect Escalators

The Memory Palace

Paintings to Sing


Stuff You Missed in History Class
The Long Winter



Friday, February 19

Class Starter:  Blogs to Follow

teenartI have some great blogs to show to you.  Like the Teen Blog from the Metropolitan Museum of Art because the blog entry is Sasha telling her own story being a college intern.

I would like to feature a few blogs from our classes today.

Class Activities:

It’s February, its still cold outside, its not even close to summer vacation and today we need to learn about some very important DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP topics that might seem rather dull.  So I have decided that YOU’RE going to have to teach this one!

How we’ll proceed:  
1- 4 Groups will choose out of A HAT one of the following topics.  Work as a group for 20 minutes to prepare a classroom presentation. Note: I will review your plan before you present.

2- Classroom Presentations.



Wednesday, February 17

Class Starter:  What do you know about Copyright Infringement?


Write up a blog post about this article from 99 Designs. (30 points)
5 famous copyright infringement cases (and what you can learn).

Class Activities:

We will watch this video, to get the discussion started.   Let’s discuss what you already know about Copyright and Fair Use.

Case Studies:
  1.  Scary Mary


Work in groups to discuss both videos. Do they follow guidelines of  Fair Use or Copyright?  Be prepared to report on your findings.

Copyright and Fair Use Vocabulary Assignment
Open the document Vocabulary-1 to complete.  Save it to your own class folder on Drive.
Due 2/19
(40 points)

Friday, February 12

Class Starter:   What is “Free Time”?


This is what I would do.

Write up a blog post talking about what you would do if you had 24 hours entirely free of any obligations.  What would you do with your free time?  Would it be your favorite past-time or would you use it for catching up on something?
 Include a picture in your post.
(30 points)

Class Activities: iPad Scavenger Hunt

Get a partner to do this in-class assignment.  You will need to write your answers on the ipad-scavengerHunt paper and turn it in to me to be graded.
(10 points)

*If you have any class time remaining, use it to finish any assignments that you are missing, or improve your blog website!

Wednesday, February 10

Class Starter:   Blog Post – Are these websites believable?

Go to this website:

Look around the site and watch the video (headphones).

Go to this website:

inspect1Are these credible websites? Why or why not? Write a blogpost (at least 1 paragraph, meaning 3-5 sentences for each site) about your reactions to these sites and if they can be considered credible (aka believable). Explain why you think they should (or should not) be taken seriously by people visiting them.

Class Activities: Utah Business Websites

*Today, you will do the assignment with a partner!

Open the Utah Business Websites assignment. Put your name on it and save it to your own Drive folder. 

For this assignment you will look closely at  the following websites from a few Utah businesses.  Take note of the way that these websites provide accurate information and establish credibility.


Monday, February 8

Class Starter:





Watch this video explaining QR (quick response) Codes.

Class Activities:   QR Codes Assignment – Due Wednesday Feb. 10

For today’s assignment, you will generate 4 kinds of QR codes. Go to either of the following online QR Code Generator sites to complete the assignment.

•QR Code scanner
•Kaywa QR Code

Open the QR Code Assignment in Microsoft Word, where you will edit the document and save the project to your Class folder on Google Drive.
(50 points)

*Reminder:  Spreadsheet-2 is due today.  Please refer to last week’s post for assignment details and instructions for sharing your spreadsheet to me for a grade.

Thursday, February 4

Class Starter:  Blog about your “Sloop John B”

sloopJohnBListen to first 5 minutes of Episode 11 of the Pitch Podcast Somewhere in My Memory. 
Please use headphones for the listen.  After listening, 
go to your blog and write your own experience of how a sound or even a smell will remind you of something from your own life.  Mind you, this blog post must be your own story.  Don’t blog about the Pitch Podcast.  The more authentic your story, the more interesting your blog.   What is your “Sloop John B?”
(30 points)

Class Activities:

•Today we’re going to learn some basics of using OneDrive, Microsoft’s version of cloud storage.
->Use OneDrive to create your Spreadsheet – 2  assignment.
Instructions for submitting assignment:
1-Click on the green ‘Share’ button on the top right of the spreadsheet
2-Get a link from the left side of dialogue box and copy it.
3-Send an email to with ‘your name Spreadsheet-2’ in the subject line and paste the link in the message body.
Due Monday Feb. 8 (50 points)

Help for using formulas in spreadsheets here.

•Today is a good day to get caught up as Parent-Teacher Conferences is this coming Wednesday, Feb. 10.

You should have 3 blog posts:

“Why Blog”
“Cloud Storage”
“What is my Sloop John B”

Assignments to date:

• Create and publish a WordPress Blog Website  (50 points)    

• Google Calendar  (10 points)     

• Spreadsheet-1 using Google Sheets (50 points)    

• Spreadsheet-2 using OneDrive (50 points)   


Tuesday, February 2 – Groundhog Day!

Class Starter:

Watch the following video on Cloud Storage.  (Headphones)
Write a 2 paragraph blog entry with an appropriate title summarizing the video and what you learned from it.  Include an applicable image.  (30 Points)

Class Activities:

1 – Finish the Google Spreadsheet-1 assignment.  This assignment was given in the last class.  You can find the instructions on my post from January 29th.

*special instructions for turning it in:

-Title the document like this:  Spreadsheet-1 “your name”
– You have created the document from your Google Drive. Be sure to put it in the assignment folder which you have already shared with me.

I will grade it tonight.  It’s worth (50 points)

2 – Create a OneDrive account. Go to


OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud service. We will talk more about what cloud computing means in the near future, but for now, just know that OneDrive is Microsoft’s version of Google Drive, the service you have already been using.

*Save your new account information on a google document and place it in your assignment folder.