Tuesday, May 17

Class Starter: Who Shot Alexander Hamilton?


A CLEO Awards winning commercial.  What is this Media Marketing Saying?

Do you have favorite commercials?


Class Activity:  State Test Review

Next class – this Thursday May 19th we will take the state test for this class.  For you guys, this should be a breeze.  But today I will do my best to give you a helpful review.

** Remember that EVERYONE has to take this, but I will not count it on your grade unless you pass it.  Passing the state test will give you 50 Points of EXTRA CREDIT.

Friday, May 13


Today we will admire your entrepreneurial genius as we share your new product concepts for the My Tiny Company project.  There are some fantastic ideas here!

BONUS: Special Guest Speaker, Sean O’Rourke the inventor of


Wednesday, May 11

Class Starter:

Class Activity: Finish and Turn in your Media Marketing Assignment

During today’s class, you should be able to complete and turn in your project. This assignment is like a final for Digital Business Applications because it requires a multiple skills that have been taught. Review the instructions here.

Turn in Instructions:

  • Save your Media Marketing Project inside your “My Tiny Company” folder.

  • I will be showing your project to the class unless you ask me not to. Please tell me if you do not want me to show it.



Monday, May 9

152405996Class Starter: Go check your Skyward.

We are down to the last 3 weeks of school. I have thrown a whole lot of challenges down where computer applications and creativity are concerned, and you have really shown your personal interests and talents!


Class Activity: Work on your Media Marketing Assignment

Finishing the semester will be easy as 1-2-3

1 – The My Tiny Company Media Marketing is due on Wednesday May 11th. This will be your big creative finish and we will enjoy sharing your projects with the class.  

2 – Next week you will create some content pages for your class blog websites

3 – Class Final is on Monday May 23.



Thursday, May 5

Class Starter: Do you have Senioritis?

Write a blog post about how you plan to keep your energy going until school’s out!
(30 points)

Class Activity:

It’s time to create some media marketing for your My Tiny Company product. Watch while I show you examples made from applications that can be launched on an iPad or your desktop computer.

*If time permits, you may experiment on the iPads.

My Tiny Company Media Marketing Assignment (150 Points)
Due Wednesday 5/11

My Tiny Company Media Marketing Assignment

Create a piece of media to sell your My tiny Company product.  Your media will be presented to both of the Digital Business Applications classes. You may use the lab computers, lab iPads, or even your personal devices to make and share the finished piece.  Turn in your finished piece by putting a sharable format in your My Tiny Company folder on Google Drive.

Due Wednesday, May 11th (150 Points!)  This project can sink or save your passing grade in this class!!!

Media  Options:


  • 30 Second Audio Commercial (Garage Band App)
  • Stop Motion Animation (Stop Motion App)
  • Slide Presentation  (Google Slides App)
  • Infographic  – ( App of your choice)



Tuesday, May 3

Class Starter:  Utah Entrepreneur Challenge Winner

1045-uec-winner-simplecitizen_croppedA student startup from University of Utah won first place and the $40,000 grand prize at the annual Utah Entrepreneur Challenge for their design of a new endotracheal tube that makes it easier for medical professionals to perform endotracheal intubation, a risky procedure necessary for reopening airways for patients unable to breathe on their own. Through the Cords  is a promotional video that describes the winning product.

Class Activity:  Watch and Blog about your favorite entries

Use headphones and view the top 20 videos from the U of U Lassonde Institute, 2016 Utah Entrepreneur Challenge.  Write a blog post about one of the videos that you think is most effective and show’s a good business plan.  (30 points)