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+-Let's have some fun!
Let’s have some fun!

Amy Bury
Room 802
(801) 610-8175 ext 802
Mrs. Bury is at the school during B2 & B3
Consultation every Monday at 11:00am


About Digital Business Applications

This semester course is designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to be an asset to the collaborative, global, and innovative business world of today and tomorrow.  Concepts include the overall digital experience, audio and video communications, digital media, presentation skills, social media, career exploration, and the creation of a personalized digital portfolio.


Class is held in a computer lab equipped with iPads, Apple TV, and a computer for every student attending.  This is not a homework class which means assignments are done in class.
The following are some of the applications students will work with:
•Google Drive
•Google Apps (Mail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms & Maps)
•Microsoft OneDrive  
•Excel Online
•Adobe Dreamweaver
•Adobe Photoshop
•Adobe Illustrator
•Adobe Acrobat Pro
•Freeware such as Gimp, Inkscape and QR Code Generators

•Video Conferencing Apps such as Skype, Facetime and Eyejot
•New Apps for Social Media and Business Communication

Business Skills Learned and Practiced in this Class:
•Every student will make a digital portfolio of assignments
•Learn about and use Cloud Computing
•Work with digital images and print media
•Use technology to explore educational and career opportunities
•Learn the role of Social Media Marketing for business
•Learn about ethical, legal and privacy issues for business
•Learn about usage of GPS Navigation for business in a global environment
•Practice proper business interpersonal communications

Attendance in Class Ensures Success

Digital Business Applications is a class in which students are exposed to and taught how to use digital applications. This happens right in class and students miss a great deal of instruction and hands on learning when they are absent. Since this is a computer lab class, every student is hands-on every day that the class meets.  Every assignment can be completed during class.  I will be in class to help every student and often projects are completed in teams.  So, your success in this class is tied directly to your attendance and participation.

Your Grade

Your semester grade is determined by  50%  in-class assignments, 20% in-class participation, 20% in-class quizzes and 10% on a final test.  This is a project-based class and as is discussed in the paragraph above, success is directly tied to attendance and willingness to try.

Cell Phones, Headphones and Other Electronic Equipment

These devices are not allowed in the classroom except for the rare occasion that I make exceptions for a class project.  (District Policy #2.4) If they are used during class they may be confiscated and delivered to the principal’s office. (See Student Directory for more details)

Meet the Instructor

I am very excited to teach Digital Business Applications at Timpanogos High School. I come from a career in the field of graphic design, web publishing, user interface design and marketing to teach for the CTE department. My goal is to raise confidence within every student. The future is bright and it belongs to students of today-!