This week while I’m away: May 10 & 12

Wednesday Classes:  GPS Worksheet  (50 Points)
Today you will be given a paper worksheet. Please complete it and turn it in to the teacher!

1 – GPS. Read this Article:  How Global Positioning System Works

2 – Waze AppRead this article then write about how this application uses GPS.

3 – OpenStreetMap
•go to Timpanogos Highschool and add a note.
•Explore Public GPS traces
•Watch this animation showing edits to the project

4 – Watch: Mobile Location Privacy in a Nutshell

Check out GPS.GOV

Friday Classes: Explore GOOGLE EARTH google-earth-android.jpg

1 – Open Google Earth

2 – Also Open Google Earth Help.   Look through the suggested topics and do some exploring!

3 – Go on a Guided Story using Voyager 

4 – Write a Blog Post on your thoughts and ideas about Google Earth. (30 Points)