Friday, March 3

Class Starter:


Class Activity: Garage Band Demonstrationgarage_band-main_1

*Use the remainder of class time to work on your Garageband Assignment.  Remember to export your project as an mp3 file and put the final mp3 in your Google drive folder.


Wednesday, March 1

Class Starter:  Watch as I present a Google Slides Project. 

Class Activity:

Garage Band Assignment  (100 points) Due 3/9   
Work in teams to create a project in Garage Band. You will make a multiple track project that includes music loops in the application and music or voice recordings that you make. Even though you are working in teams, each individual student is required to do the following:

1- Work in a team to create a multi track recording using the Garage Band Application.

2-Export the final project as an mp3 and put a copy in your Google Drive Assignment Folder.

Wednesday, April 27

Class Activity: Personal Branding with Google SlidesApps-Google-Drive-Slides-icon

Let’s collaborate using Google Slides and practice a little bit of personal branding. If you were asked to fill one page in a magazine to represent your image or “personal brand” what would you submit?  I have invited you to collaborate on a project called The 802 Lab. I have added my slide & now I want you to add yours – It should be pretty fun to flip through when it’s done! (30 Points)

*Use the remainder of today’s class to complete your My Tiny Company Branding Assignment.