Spring Semester Assignments

• Resume Template Assignment – Create a real resume from a Google Doc template.  Follow instructions from the May 2 post.
Due 5/4 (50 Points)

• Resume Practice Assignment –Download the High School Student Resume Worksheet and follow the guide to build your own resume.  Create it using Google Document inside your assignment folder. 
 Due 4/28 (50 Points)

• Blog Post 4/20/17 – Episode #3  Write another episode from your life & tag it with the same tag used for your other life posts. 
Due 4/20 (50 Points)

• Adobe Illustrator CC Assignment – Follow this Adobe Tutorial “Design a logo”  exactly. Turn your project in by saving your .ai file and a .jpg version in your assignment folder on Drive. Due 4/20 (50 Points)

• Inkscape-2 Assignment – Working with Shapes, follow instructions from the 4/12 Post.  Due Tuesday 4/18 (50 Points)

• Inkscape-1 Assignment –  Create a vector graphic of your own choosing, using Inkscape.  In your assignment folder, Save 2 files: an Inkscape file (.SVG) and .PNG file.   Due Friday 4/14 (50 Points)

• Blog Post 4/10/17 – Write a blog about your favorite cookie & food packaging & include an image of the logo it uses.  (30 Points)

• Photoshop-3 Assignment – Make a Personal Logo & Blog about it.   follow instructions from The March 30 post.
Due 4/10 (50 Points)

• Photoshop-2 Assignment – follow instructions from The March 28 post.
Due 3/30 (50 Points)

• Photoshop-1 Assignment – follow instructions from The March 22 post.
Due 3/24 (30 Points)

• Blog Post 3/20/17 -Write up a blog post about the pixel or how the pixel pertains to the art pieces I share in my class post on 3/20/17.

• Gimp-2 Assignment – Create a Volkswagen Logo using GIMP software. Open the Gimp-2 instructions and follow it step by step. Due March 22. (50 Points)  

• Gimp-1
See full instructions from the March 14 class post.
(50 Points – Due March 16)

• Life post: Episode 2 -Write a blog post on an episode from your life. Follow instructions from my 3/8 post. Due 3/10 (50 points)

• Garage Band Assignment  (100 points) Due 3/9
1- Work in a team to create a multi track recording using the Garage Band Application.
2-Export the final project to your Google Drive Assignment Folder.

• Vocabulary – 2 Assignment  (50 Points) Due 3/1  Download assignment in  English or Spanish.

•  RSS Feed Assignment (100 points) due 2/23
Find instructions on the 2/21 post.

• Podcast Review Assignment -instructions on the 2/26 post.  Due 2/21 (50 Points)

•  Draw a Hosting & Publishing Diagram  Due 2/14 (50 Points)

• Copyright and Fair Use Assignment – Vocabulary -1
Open the document Vocabulary-1 to complete.  Save it to your own class folder on Drive.

*Descargar la versión española de la Asignación de vocabulario-1..
Due Tuesday, February 14
(40 points)

• Blog Post 2/10/17 -Write up a blog post about this article from 99 Designs.
5 famous copyright infringement cases (and what you can learn).   (30 points)

iPad Scavenger Hunt  – Due Friday 2/10  (30 points)

•  QR Code Assignment – Due Wednesday Feb. 8  (50 Points)  Complete the assignment by making QR codes.  Turn it in by placing it in your assignment folder on Google Drive.

• Blog Post 2/2/17 -Blog about what you would do with 24 hours of free time. (30 Points)


• Blog Post 1/31/17  Blog about Internet Credibility.  Reference things we have discussed such as Surface Web, Deep Web, Subscription Web, Dark Web or even Hackers.   (Due Thursday, Feb. 2 – 50 Points)

• Utah Business Websites
Download here.  
Each student needs to download their own copy, add his or her name to it and insert their own findings about the following Utah business websites. When completed, save the document to your own assignment folder on Google Drive. DUE MONDAY January 30th.  (50 Points)

• Blog Post 1/25/17
Go to this website: http://art.yale.edu/

Write a blog post (at least 1 paragraph, meaning 3-5 sentences for each site) about your reactions to this site and if it can be considered credible (aka believable). Explain why you think it should (or should not) be taken seriously by site visitors. (30 Points)

• Google Sheets-1
This assignment uses a spreadsheet to show employee standings at Donovan Industries. Click here to view instructions.    (50 points due January 27)

• Blog Post 1/19/17
 Write a blog post about people working together to create a single outcome.   Click here to watch.  First blog post assignment
( 30 points)

•Google Doc:  Read and review the “25 Apps” TED article. Turn in the Google Doc to your shared folder on your Google Drive. (50 Points)

•First Day of Class – January 12, 2017

  1. Go to your school email inbox and find an email from me abury@alpinedistrict.org.  Reply to my email and tell me what name you like to go by and which class you are in.  (B2 or B3)
  2.  Make a folder on your Google Drive and name it “DBA”. This is where you will keep all of your work for this class.