Thursday, April 20

Class Starter: Write another episode from your life & tag it.51-Portfolio---002-1

Go to your WordPress Blog to add another blog entry telling a true story from your own life. Title it “Episode 3”. Remember to tag the post with the same tag you created for your other episodes.
Due today 4/20 (50 Points)

Class Activity:
Complete any assignment from Gimp, Photoshop, Inkscape or Illustrator.

They are all due today!



Wednesday, March 8

Class Starter:  A remarkable story told by Lynne Cox Endurance Swimmer

When you jump into the icy pacific ocean before the sun comes up to go for a swim, you never know what might decide to swim along with you.

Want to read more about Lynne’s life?  Click Here.

Class Activity: Episode 2 Assignment Due 3/10 (50 Points)

1- Write another episode from your life & tag it.

Go to your WordPress Blog to add another blog entry telling a true story from your own life.  When you are finished, tag the post with the same tag you created for the first episode.   

2- Add a Tag Widget to your Blog.

Tuesday, February 21

imagesClass Starter:  RSS Feed – What is it?

Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication!
Lets watch and explanation from Magnet Media.

OK, that was a bit snarky. Let’s watch the Quick Tutorial from WPforall.


Class Activity:  RSS Feed Assignment
(100 points) Due Thursday 2/23

Subscribe to an RSS feed & Create an RSS Feed from your own site.

1- Create a widget on your WordPress blog that follows the class website.

2- Create a blog post called “Episodes…”. Make it about something interesting that happened to you recently. Include a  a write up and pictures that support the story.

3-TAG your post with a unique tag which will only be used for episodes from your life.

4- Publish your post and make sure that you see your unique tag associated with the post.

What does an RSS Feed look like???

*Turn-in instructions:  Follow instructions above and make sure that it is published.  I will check your blogs.*



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Monday, November 7

Dare to Put it Out There!

Class Starter:  “Bolivia” – the most recent episode of the class podcast

I thought it only fair that your teacher should have to record and produce a podcast episode, too.  I am not a voice actor and it shows in this episode, so don’t judge!  This project proved how simple it is to get content online, but doing it for the first time is rather nerve wracking and a bit embarrassing, too.

This project required the following:

  • write an outline of what to say
  • gather photo assets. In this case, I used my own
  • gather music mp3s from and copy attribution info for each song
  • Using Garage Band on my iPad, I recorded my voice and added extra tracks for background music
  • When the project was complete, I hit the share button to email the file to myself so that I could download it to my computer
  • upload mp3 files to my host
  • find the mp3 file on my library and copy the URL for that file
  • write a blog post on my WordPress Blog to tell more about my podcast episode. I included photography and the URL for the recording.  I included attribution for the music included.
  • I added the episode to RSS Feed for the DBA Podcast by adding the appropriate “tag” to the blog post

Class Activity:  Make Podcast Teams!  

Your team will work together to produce a multiple track recording using Garage Band on the iPads.  Follow the steps that I shared in this post. You will have a few class periods to get this done and publish it for a grade.

Thursday, October 13

imagesClass Starter:  RSS Feed – What is it?

Really Simple Syndication!  Lets watch and explanation from Magnet Media.

Class Assignment: Vocabulary-2

Instructions:   Download Vocab-2 and open it in Word.  Go to your assignment folder on Drive and create a new Google Doc.  Copy the text from the Word file to your new Google Doc. and complete the assignment.
Due Monday 9-17 (100 Points)

*Podcast Bonus:  History Chicks, Episode 76: Victoria Woodhull
First Woman to run for president of the United States.
…what? a scandalous campaign?



Tuesday, October 11

Open Source Podcast is the world’s longest-running podcast

Class Starter:

Today let’s start with a glimpse of the Open Source Podcast with Christopher Lydon.  This Episode titled Our Postmodern Myth: “Star Wars” is Back  came out in January of 2016 right after  The Force Awakens, the latest installment of Star Wars was released in December 2015.

I think it’s really fun to follow a podcast that talks about our culture, because it gives me clues about why we do what we do and think what we think!

Class Activity:

Today I will diagram the way that a Podcast and RSS feed works.
Assignment for today: Draw  a diagram of What makes a podcast work.
Turn in your drawings to me with your name and class period in the heading.
(50 Points)