Thursday, September 29

Class Starter:  What do you know about Copyright Infringement?


We will watch this video, to get the discussion started.   Let’s discuss what you already know about Copyright and Fair Use.

Write up a blog post about this article from 99 Designs. (30 points)
5 famous copyright infringement cases (and what you can learn).
Class Activities:

In class today we will view some Case Studies and discuss whether these follow guidelines for Fair Use or Copyright

  1.  Scary Mary


Copyright and Fair Use Vocabulary Assignment
Open the document Vocabulary-1 to complete.  Save it to your own class folder on Drive.
*Descargar la versión española de la Asignación de vocabulario-1..
Due Monday, October 3rd
(40 points)

Tuesday, September 27

Class Starter:   What is “Free Time”?

This is what I often do with my free time!

Write up a blog post talking about what you would do if you had 24 hours entirely free of any obligations.  What would you do with your free time?  Would it be your favorite past-time or would you use it for catching up on something?
 Include a picture in your post.
(30 points)


Class Activity:  Google Calendar

Today we will learn how to create a Google Calendar.  Watch as I demonstrate the Google Calendar application.  You will create your own calendar as you do today’s assignment.


Friday, September 23

genius-club-t-shirt-700x628Class Starter: iPad tips & tricks from You!

Here’s a TED talk by Software developer Mike Matas. Many of you put tips & tricks on your iPad Scavenger Hunt. I will invite a few students to demonstrate by pairing an iPad using Apple TV.  Thank you for going the extra mile! *extra credit*

Class Activities: Catch-Up Dayketchup-day

Check your grades on Skyward.  If you think that I have missed something, please talk to me.

Wednesday, September 21

Class Starter:  Let’s take a minute to explore Augmented Reality.  I will share a few videos to show just a few great ways that AR can be a useful tool.  Here’s a video showing how an AR App gives you more info about your location.   My favorite AR App is called La Bamba!

Class Activities: iPad Scavenger Hunt

ipad-pro-video-review-thumbnailToday we will use classroom iPads to practice some basic skills using the device.  There are not enough iPads for every student so you will  work in small teams using an iPad. Every student must complete the assignment and save the Google Doc  to his or her own drive folder for assignment credit.
(30 points)

*If you have any class time remaining, use it to finish any assignments that you are missing, or improve your blog website!

Monday, September 19

Class Starter:


Watch this video explaining QR (quick response) Codes. If we have time let’s watch this video about a fun way to use QR Codes.

Class Activities:

For today’s assignment, you will generate 4 kinds of QR codes. In class today I will demonstrate how to complete the assignment below.

QR Codes Assignment – Due Wednesday Sept. 21  (50 Points)
Go to either of the following online QR Code Generator sites to complete the assignment.

•QR Code scanner
•Kaywa QR Code

Open the QR Code Assignment in Microsoft Word, where you will edit the document and save the project to your assignment  folder on Google Drive.
(50 points)

Thursday, September 15

Class Starter:   Huvr Tech!

Blog Post – Are these websites believable?

Go to this website:

Look around the site and watch the video (headphones).

Go to this website:

inspect1Are these credible websites? Why or why not? Write a blogpost (at least 1 paragraph, meaning 3-5 sentences for each site) about your reactions to these sites and if they can be considered credible (aka believable). Explain why you think they should (or should not) be taken seriously by people visiting them. (30 Points)

Class Activities: Utah Business Websites

*Today, you will do the assignment with a partner!  

Download today’s assignment.  Each student needs to download their own copy, add his or her name to it and insert their own findings about the following Utah business websites. When completed, save the document to your own assignment folder on Google Drive. DUE MONDAY.  (50 Points)

For this assignment you will look closely at  the following websites from a few Utah businesses.  Take note of the way that these websites provide accurate information and establish credibility.

Tuesday, September 13

microsoft_onedrive_logoClass Starter: Cloud Storage

Watch the following video on Cloud Storage.
Write a 2 paragraph blog entry with an appropriate title summarizing the video and what you learned from it.  Include an applicable image.  (30 Points)

Class Activities:

1 – Finish the Google Spreadsheet-1 assignment.  This assignment was given in the last class.  If you still need instructions about the assignment go here.

2 – Create a OneDrive account. Go to

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud service. We will talk more about what cloud computing means in the near future, but for now, just know that OneDrive is Microsoft’s version of Google Drive, the service you have already been using.

*Save your new account information on a google document and place it in your assignment folder.

Friday, September 9

Class Starter:  Kelvin Doe Child Prodigy

Watch this as a class for pure inspiration.  You are a genius too!

Class Activities:  Building a Google Spreadsheet

Today you will use the  Google Sheets application to create a new spreadsheet. Watch as I demonstrate how to create a Google Spreadsheet.  Pay close attention to details so you will be ready for today’s assignment.

Assignment: Google Sheets – 2

This assignment uses a spreadsheet to show employee standings at Donovan Industries. Click here to view instructions.    – worth 50 points due Sept. 15

Friday, September 2

Class Starter: Make a blog post

Take the first 15 minutes of today’s class to look at this award winning website.  Feel free to blog about the things you see featured on Peace Corps Teens

Class Activity:  Wordpress Demonstration by Mrs. Bury

Watch as I show you around in the WordPress interface!   Take time to customize your own site.

Bonus: Simon’s Cat