Thursday, March 30

Class Starter: Think about yourself in 2-D

To get started, take a look at this logo branding on the site 

Think about ways that you can make a logo about yourself

alexander-khokhlov-2d-2dClass Activity:  Write a blog post about your personal brand.

Photoshop-3 Assignment

Use Photoshop to create a graphic about YOU – your logo.   You might start with a pencil sketch but then you will need to create a digital graphic of it.   It needs to:

•Be Recognizable at any size
•Emotional or Intuitive Cerebral Connection
•Dares to be Original

*Still need inspiration? Look at Behance or Dribbble.

Tutorials you might like:
How to Make 3D Icon
10 Essential Shortcuts

TURN THIS IN BY POSTING A JPEG VERSION OF YOUR LOGO ON YOUR BLOG WITH A SHORT DESCRIPTION. Also put your logo file in your Google Drive folder  DUE MONDAY 4/10  (50 points)


Tuesday, March 28

Class Starter:

Photoshop-brandingPhotoshop  is probably the most used photo manipulation and graphics application in the world.  You may find yourself using this application for personal and for professional use.  Watch “What is Photoshop” a video produced by Adobe to show the possibilities.

Class Activities:

Photoshop-2 Assignment


1-Before you start your Photoshop assignment, you need to become familiar with the tool palettes and the interface.  Please watch the following video about the tool panels.

2- Right-Click on the following image of two cherries and hit “copy”

3. Open Photoshop from your computer applications folder. Go to the file menu and hit “new”.  Photoshop will open a dialogue box. Hit “OK” and a new blank document will open.

4. Now go to the Edit menu at the top and hit “paste”- The Cherries should appear & you are ready to follow along as  I demonstrate the way that I created 3 versions of the original image.

Your assignment:
Create 3 different versions of the Cherries, using any of the Photoshop tools or filters.  Make your own version! When you have completed the project save your original working Photoshop document AND a jpeg version in your class folder.  Due Thursday March 30th (50 points)

Wednesday, March 22


I am happy about the accomplishments of Artists who follow their passion.  Especially when they are my own kids.  This is a time-lapse of Heather Mahler painting a mural in Salt Lake City this week.  And the music used in this piece is by Cory Mahler.

Class Starter:  Photoshop Demonstration.

Watch as I  demonstrate digital photography manipulation


Class Activity: Photoshop-1 Assignment

Class Gallery Show Project 

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Open my class folder and download the photoshop file that I have placed in the folder. “ClassGallery-Photoshop”
  3. Use the Layers Palette, selection tools and any other tools to create a new digital image.
  4. Add your name to the image, using the Type Tool
  5. Save the finished piece in your class folder as a PSD, and save a JPEG copy in my drive folder for your class period.
    B-6 Photoshop Master
    B-7 Photoshop Master  
  6. We will view your artwork as a class gallery show.

    Due 3/24 (30 Points)



Monday, March 20

Class Starter:

Write a Blog Post about the PIXEL.  – What does this Pointillist painting by French Post-Impressionist painter Georges Pierre Seurat, this Skittles Art from students at a Metropolis, IL high school and  Lichtenstein Pop Art all have in common?
(30 Points) Due today


Class Activity:  Finish your Gimp-2 Assignment.

Thursday, March 16

Class Starter: gimp-01-535x535

You are going to need stronger Gimp skills to tackle the Gimp-2 assignment!  To get warmed up, spend the first 15 minutes of class working through one of the beginner tutorials.  Find tutorials HERE

Class Activities:  GIMP-2 Assignment

Not only can Gimp edit photography, but it is used for graphics and original artwork.

Take a look at the art board and tools for creating graphics.  Remember to look at tutorials from  Gimp when you need help.
1. open the Gimp-2 Assignment.  final
2. follow step by step instructions for creating this Volkswagen Logo.
3. Put the finished graphic in your Google Drive folder.
Due Wednesday, March 22. (50 Points)

Tuesday, March 14

Class Starter: What do these images all have in common?


gimp-01-535x535Introduction to Gimp

Today we will experiment with the application GIMP.  GIMP is a free and open source image editor. Not only can it edit photography, but it is used for graphics and original artwork. More information about Gimp.    Here is a video about the Gimp interface.

Class Activity: Using GIMP to manipulate photography

I have provided a some images with a Creative Commons license. Download one of these images to use for your GIMP-1 Assignment.  Instructions below…

GIMP – 1 ASSIGNMENT:  (50 Points – Due Thursday March 16)

1- Copy one of the images that I have provided & open it in Gimp.

2 – Follow an online tutorial for photo editing with Gimp.  This tutorial from 10-Steps is pretty easy to follow.

3 –  Make changes to the photo using your own imagination.

4 – When you are finished, go to the Gimp file menu and export the document as a JPEG.

5 – Turn your JPEG in to your assignment  folder.

Friday, March 10

Class Starter: Why does music make us act differently?

There’s nothing like having a kid who is a total Audiophile.  Let me see if I can give you an example.  Cory has always and still to this day likes to mess with people by setting the mood.  Sort of like being a daily DJ.  It makes sense to me now, because he is a sound designer today.    So, to make my point let me share an interesting tune that he was known to play in the kitchen specifically to get me, his mom to lighten up.  He never announced it, it would just start to play and I would hear Cory off in his room singing along or making the silly sounding Hungarian rhythm singing in here.    I guess you have to listen to get the idea.  (By the way, Ahuz Mama is Hungarian for “listen mama”)cory

Ahuz Mama by Kanizsa Csillagai

Class Activity:  Hosting Assignment “Host & Post”

You will make a Public Folder on your Google Drive,  host your Garage Band Assignment, and post it on your blog.

Remember the hosting diagram you drew for this class?  Today you will host your music online, then publish it to your WordPress Blog.

1-Watch my demonstration

2- Make your public folder and place your m4a file inside it. (Your Garageband project, converted to an m4a

3- Write a blog post, kind of like the one I did today, that says something about your music.

4-Tag your post with the tag “music”

*You should be able to complete this today in class*   (50 Points)

Special Note:  You can add a plugin to your WordPress Site that does a better job of sharing your files from Google Drive.  If you want to do this on your own later go here.


Wednesday, March 8

Class Starter:  A remarkable story told by Lynne Cox Endurance Swimmer

When you jump into the icy pacific ocean before the sun comes up to go for a swim, you never know what might decide to swim along with you.

Want to read more about Lynne’s life?  Click Here.

Class Activity: Episode 2 Assignment Due 3/10 (50 Points)

1- Write another episode from your life & tag it.

Go to your WordPress Blog to add another blog entry telling a true story from your own life.  When you are finished, tag the post with the same tag you created for the first episode.   

2- Add a Tag Widget to your Blog.