Tuesday, April 18

love-storyClass Activity:  Adobe Illustrator CCillustrator-full-logo


You have paid your dues with Gimp, Photoshop & Inkscape so now Illustrator should be loads of fun for you! This application can do so much – Logos, Packaging, Illustrations & just fun stuff…


pointing-hand-clipart-1-hand-pointing-clipart-1300_1300We have just 1 assignment using Adobe Illustrator for this class.

1- You need headphones

2- Go to this Adobe Tutorial “Design a logo” .  This will use vector shapes to create a logo.  

3- Be sure to download the sample files provided in the tutorial

4- When you are finished with the project, name it something like “Bury-Illustrator” and put the file in your assignment folder on Google Drive

Due Thursday April 20 – (50 Points)