Monday, April 10

Class Starter: Blog about your favorite cookie brand

2000px-Vector_Oreo.svgThe Oreo brand is familiar to almost everyone. Why is that so? Here are some fun facts.  Write a blog about your favorite food packaging & include an image.  (30 Points)


Class Activity: Inkscape

inkscapeI want you to experiment with one more free application for creating graphics. Inkscape is a free to download and use and compares to Adobe Illustrator for making vector graphics.

Your Inkscape Assignment is as follows:  Open Inkscape and start experimenting with the tools. Create a vector graphic of your own choosing.  You may work on your logo or anything that interests you.

Optional:  If you would like step by step instructions for your first project, you may download this How to Create a Cartoon Dinosaur.

When you have completed your Inkscape Assignment, make a new folder nested inside your class folder and name it  INKSCAPE.  Save 2 files: an Inkscape file (.SVG) and .PNG file.
Due Friday 4/14 (50 Points)

If you would like to further explore Inkscape on your own time, you can download the application at home from Inkscape.  And if you would like to practice your Inkscape skills you can find good tutorials at Invato Tuts.