Thursday, March 30

Class Starter: Think about yourself in 2-D

To get started, take a look at this logo branding on the site 

Think about ways that you can make a logo about yourself

alexander-khokhlov-2d-2dClass Activity:  Write a blog post about your personal brand.

Photoshop-3 Assignment

Use Photoshop to create a graphic about YOU – your logo.   You might start with a pencil sketch but then you will need to create a digital graphic of it.   It needs to:

•Be Recognizable at any size
•Emotional or Intuitive Cerebral Connection
•Dares to be Original

*Still need inspiration? Look at Behance or Dribbble.

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TURN THIS IN BY POSTING A JPEG VERSION OF YOUR LOGO ON YOUR BLOG WITH A SHORT DESCRIPTION. Also put your logo file in your Google Drive folder  DUE MONDAY 4/10  (50 points)