Wednesday, March 22


I am happy about the accomplishments of Artists who follow their passion.  Especially when they are my own kids.  This is a time-lapse of Heather Mahler painting a mural in Salt Lake City this week.  And the music used in this piece is by Cory Mahler.

Class Starter:  Photoshop Demonstration.

Watch as I  demonstrate digital photography manipulation


Class Activity: Photoshop-1 Assignment

Class Gallery Show Project 

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Open my class folder and download the photoshop file that I have placed in the folder. “ClassGallery-Photoshop”
  3. Use the Layers Palette, selection tools and any other tools to create a new digital image.
  4. Add your name to the image, using the Type Tool
  5. Save the finished piece in your class folder as a PSD, and save a JPEG copy in my drive folder for your class period.
    B-6 Photoshop Master
    B-7 Photoshop Master  
  6. We will view your artwork as a class gallery show.

    Due 3/24 (30 Points)