Tuesday, March 14

Class Starter: What do these images all have in common?


gimp-01-535x535Introduction to Gimp

Today we will experiment with the application GIMP.  GIMP is a free and open source image editor. Not only can it edit photography, but it is used for graphics and original artwork. More information about Gimp.    Here is a video about the Gimp interface.

Class Activity: Using GIMP to manipulate photography

I have provided a some images with a Creative Commons license. Download one of these images to use for your GIMP-1 Assignment.  Instructions below…

GIMP – 1 ASSIGNMENT:  (50 Points – Due Thursday March 16)

1- Copy one of the images that I have provided & open it in Gimp.

2 – Follow an online tutorial for photo editing with Gimp.  This tutorial from 10-Steps is pretty easy to follow.

3 –  Make changes to the photo using your own imagination.

4 – When you are finished, go to the Gimp file menu and export the document as a JPEG.

5 – Turn your JPEG in to your assignment  folder.