Tuesday, February 21

imagesClass Starter:  RSS Feed – What is it?

Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication!
Lets watch and explanation from Magnet Media.

OK, that was a bit snarky. Let’s watch the Quick Tutorial from WPforall.


Class Activity:  RSS Feed Assignment
(100 points) Due Thursday 2/23

Subscribe to an RSS feed & Create an RSS Feed from your own site.

1- Create a widget on your WordPress blog that follows the class website.

2- Create a blog post called “Episodes…”. Make it about something interesting that happened to you recently. Include a  a write up and pictures that support the story.

3-TAG your post with a unique tag which will only be used for episodes from your life.

4- Publish your post and make sure that you see your unique tag associated with the post.

What does an RSS Feed look like???


*Turn-in instructions:  Follow instructions above and make sure that it is published.  I will check your blogs.*



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