Wednesday, November 9

Class Starter …Life’s Unseen Patterns

Check out this recording from NPR’s program called Hidden Brain, where researchers test the effects of background music on people.

Hidden Brain


Class Activities:

#1 – Go check your grades on Skyward & try not to PANIC!
If you need to complete an assignment, you still can!  images

#2 -Garage Band–1 Assignment  (100 points) Due 11/15    
Work in teams to create a project in Garage Band. You will make a multiple track project that includes voice recording and background music. Even though you are working in teams, each individual student is required to follow all of the instructions on the GARAGEBAND-1 Assignment. <<download
This assignment is complete after you have :
-made a Garageband multi track project
-hosted it online
-written a blog post that includes a media player for your project
-handed in the Garageband-1 handout to the teacher
Helpful hint:
This assignment is almost the same as the Podcast Assignments.
So make sure you got those right before you finish this one!