DBA Podcast Episode #2

maxresdefaultEpisode 2 features the use of background music in making a podcast.  There are several ways to record a podcast and add music to set the tone.  If you are interested in downloading royalty free music, you can find TONS of it at Incompetech.

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Monday, October 17

Class Starter:  Introducing the DBA Podcast!

Today in class, we will give a listen to the first few episodes of the DBA Podcast & I will demonstrate posting a new episode.

Class Activity:  Register for a free account to host your own podcast episodes.

1. Go to Archive.org
2. Fill out the registration form . Use an email address that you have access to and check often. When you submit your form please make note of your login information so that you don’t forget what you just did!

**Vocabulary-2 Assignment is due today and I will be grading it tonight, so make sure that you have completed it and turned it in to your shared class folder on Drive.