Thursday, September 15

Class Starter:   Huvr Tech!

Blog Post – Are these websites believable?

Go to this website:

Look around the site and watch the video (headphones).

Go to this website:

inspect1Are these credible websites? Why or why not? Write a blogpost (at least 1 paragraph, meaning 3-5 sentences for each site) about your reactions to these sites and if they can be considered credible (aka believable). Explain why you think they should (or should not) be taken seriously by people visiting them. (30 Points)

Class Activities: Utah Business Websites

*Today, you will do the assignment with a partner!  

Download today’s assignment.  Each student needs to download their own copy, add his or her name to it and insert their own findings about the following Utah business websites. When completed, save the document to your own assignment folder on Google Drive. DUE MONDAY.  (50 Points)

For this assignment you will look closely at  the following websites from a few Utah businesses.  Take note of the way that these websites provide accurate information and establish credibility.