Thursday, May 5

Class Starter: Do you have Senioritis?

Write a blog post about how you plan to keep your energy going until school’s out!
(30 points)

Class Activity:

It’s time to create some media marketing for your My Tiny Company product. Watch while I show you examples made from applications that can be launched on an iPad or your desktop computer.

*If time permits, you may experiment on the iPads.

My Tiny Company Media Marketing Assignment (150 Points)
Due Wednesday 5/11

My Tiny Company Media Marketing Assignment

Create a piece of media to sell your My tiny Company product.  Your media will be presented to both of the Digital Business Applications classes. You may use the lab computers, lab iPads, or even your personal devices to make and share the finished piece.  Turn in your finished piece by putting a sharable format in your My Tiny Company folder on Google Drive.

Due Wednesday, May 11th (150 Points!)  This project can sink or save your passing grade in this class!!!

Media  Options:


  • 30 Second Audio Commercial (Garage Band App)
  • Stop Motion Animation (Stop Motion App)
  • Slide Presentation  (Google Slides App)
  • Infographic  – ( App of your choice)