Thursday, March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day!

Just for Fun:  The legend of Saint Patrick has evolved for 1500-odd years.

The Shamrock; which grows all over Ireland; he used to explain the Christian concept of the Holy Trinity. The magic fire:  The Celtic feast of Beltaine (feast of the fires) was a major festival to celebrate the beginning of summer and triumph over the dark powers. Traditionally, a fire would be lit by Ireland’s High King on the top of the Hill of Tara, and his fire would then be used to light all other fires.   St. Patrick did not buy into pagan beliefs, so he once lit a fire before the king had a chance to, just to be a buzzkill – ha ha.   Banishing the snakes!  Probably as famous as the story of the shamrock is the legend of Saint Patrick driving all the snakes of Ireland into the sea where they drowned. 

I love this cartoon by the famous Dan Piraro combining some mythical figures.
© Dan Piraro

Class Activities:  Last Chance Day!

Please, log in to your Skyward to see if you are missing any assignments for DBA, then spend the remainder of today’s class to complete them.  Remember that the assignments weigh more heavily than your blog posts, so give them priority.   You have until Friday morning to turn assignments in & you MUST email me to let me know about your ketchup!